cost recovery

Cost Recovery goes far beyond simply tracking, accounting and billing of copies, faxes, prints scans and telephone calls. They are core to the  business of a legal practice and critical to  workflow, security and budgeting. We can integrate our Cost Recovery Solution into your existing legal accounting software allowing you to  recover 100% of all your disbursements  and improve your bottom-line with a simple click of the mouse.


We specialise in moving your business from outdated technology, or paper-based environment to an automated electronically synced environment. This gives management better control on costs and also ensures that the company moves forward, not only from a trend perspective, but also from an ecological perspective. Green is the way forward!


We use latest web development technology that delivers responsive websites. We also provide your website with the best SEO, marketing savvy design and psychological sub-texts that impulse your customers into choosing you! All of our web development user interfaces and back-end data are coded with PHP, HTML5, CSS and Javascript. Whether you need a static website, e-commerce or blog or if you want us or yourself to manage your website, we have a solution for you.


Using the latest design software, we help you market your business graphically. Whether you require business cards for a special meeting with a client, a new logo to invent or reinvent your business, or even brochures to promote your services; look to Multi Office Solutions for advice, we know what will give your business the edge. All graphic work are done by our designers using Photoshop CS6.


We offer the equipment and hardware that companies require to operate effectively. We do not only stop at the sale or rental of the hardware, but rather build lasting relationships with our clients to ensure that they are completely satisfied and that they receive the value added service that we wish to give all of our customers. Hardware includes printers, faxes, photocopiers, pbx, servers, cctv, computers, fingerprint scanners and much more.


Software is an integral part of office automation and strategic management. Multi Office Solutions offers software and support to our clients to make day to day business processes seamless and fast-paced, allowing them to keep up with their own customer requirements and ultimately improve performance and increase revenue. We offer Saas, ERP, CRM and many other software solutions.

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